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Delighting with Memorable Experiences

My name is Eric

I make the mundane fun through unforgettable experiences. As a master storyteller and
facilitator, I weave my personality into my engaging training methodologies, creating a unique experience for everyone who attends my course, training, or speaking engagement.


You need me for

I am a change leader when it comes to how clinical research is conducted. My methodologies work because they are different, and people remember them. Here are the things I do:


I bring innovative and modern training methods, creating unequalled learning retention in a style that is remembered long after the class is over. I also train in my methodologies, making me a go-to expert in the field of learning. My training focusses mainly on clinical research, strongly appealing to people’s personal responsibility, enabling to achieve the best possible results.


From speaking about my training styles to expert discourse on clinical research topics, I am an engaging and enthusiastic orator. I bring irresistible energy to the stage – from classroom to conference to speaking engagements and create memorable experiences for everyone. Eric Klaver is synonymous with interesting and entertaining storytelling.

Thought Leadership

I share my passion for clinical research and training methodologies. I am a go-to expert in this field, creating training materials and books specifically to share my methodologies with the world. With over 25 years of experience in the field, I lead the way when it comes to knowledge sharing and thought leadership.

Clinical Auditing

My years of experience in many roles in clinical trials ensure that I am a knowledge expert. I can prepare teams for their own audits, to be inspection ready, but also lead thorough clean audits for clinical trials that help bring high-quality trials to the forefront. My precision and expertise guarantee a thorough insight into trials that bring quality results to human health.

Let’s create memorable experiences…

What I've done

I deliver world-class training and keynotes that inspire, motivate and move audiences, around the world


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I welcome you to get in touch to discuss how energy can be brought to your training, to your conference or meeting. Or to discuss why my way of auditing trial sites has strong impact.